The Golden Years

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About this book

The Golden Years is a fun and erotic pictorial R18 book of gay vintage and retro porn magazine covers from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

For men over 40, this ebook will bring back fond memories of sneaking down to the local Adult Shop, purchasing a gay magazine placed inside a plain paper bag, then driving to a secluded rest stop to whip your cock out and jerk off to the wonderful pictures inside. You may have been at that age where you were still living at home with the parents having to sneak the magazines into the house and hide them under your bed in a box, only to be pulled out at night to gaze at the pictures while you whack off under torch light.

For today's younger generation brought up in the modern age of computers, mobile phones, hookup apps, porn websites and cam sites, The Gold Years ebook will be an educational and historical insight into the era of early gay porn in Print (and VHS) and some of the greatest gay Porn Stars to grace the pages and our TV sets.

This ebook has over 1,400 magazine covers spread over 168 pages and wonderfully organised into categories with a linked contents page to make it easy to jump to your favourite category.

Get your tissues on the ready, whip your cock out and enjoy this trip down memory lane!