Recording Spencer's First Camping Trip

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New Erotic Fiction from one of our Awesome Readers.....

Kevin E Skyline is recording his friend Spencer's retelling the story of a Weekend at a Gay Campground. Spencer is a Straight-ish male that lost a dart game and has made a $500 drunk wager. He is now forced to spend an all inclusive weekend at a Gay Campground's 20th Year Anniversary Party Weekend. You'll feel like you are at the party and want to read it over and over.

  • Sensual / Erotic Topics of bisexual and gay subjects including (a little somthing for everyone):
  • Shower Play
  • Oral Play
  • Anal Play
  • Large Dick Play
  • Pin the Unicorn Game
  • Black Light Trail Party
  • Foam Party M/F Interactions
PDF Format - 103 Pages - $6.99