GAY NAKED DESTINATIONS - Ultimate Sauna and Cruise Club guide - Volume III

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Gay Naked Destinations is proud to release its 6th e-book - "The ULTIMATE Global Guide to Gay Saunas & Cruise Clubs".Updated (Version 3) December 2020

This e-book is the ULTIMATE global resource of worldwide men's saunas and cruise club venues with over 313 pages.
No matter where you plan to holiday in the world, you are sure to find the right venue for you.

Each listing has a large photo, a brief description of the venue and a clickable URL link to each website. The contents page is clickable to take you to the country you are looking for and you can click a 'return to contents' tab at the bottom of each page to send you back to the contents page. You can purchase this e-book by itself, or you can buy it together with the 5 Gay Naked Destinations e-books as a bundle and save 12%.