GoNaked Magazine - Issue 21

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Our cover this month is a mosaic of memories from the photographs we have enjoyed. 


Also in this issue:


  • Adventures in a Korean Spa - Part 3
  • World Naked Bike Ride - Berlin to Amsterdam 
  • Write Naked - A moment of self discovery.
  • Puppetry of the Penis - A quirky fun look at a different kind of puppet.
  • Parting thoughts from Kemson Cooper
  • Three’s Company - Love in a triad.
  • Sleep Naked! - The science behind sleeping naked. 
  • First Nudist Experience - An article by Naked Matthew
  • The Naked Theater Project
  • Real Nudists Gallery
  • The featured photography of PhotoFreedom
  • 9 Male Models letting it all hang out


There are an incredible 196 pages in this magazine. Think of it as a grand finale!



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